Tropical Renewable Energy Center

TREC is a new research center, initiated by Dean of Faculty of Engineering UI, Prof. Dr. Ir. Dedi Priadi, DEA. TREC consists of 6 research cluster and led by experienced researchers.

The potential of renewable energy in tropical countries (particularly in Indonesia) has unique characteristics. It is a challenge for researcher and academia to develop a suitable technical design prototype, policy strategy and business model in order to form a sustainable system.

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TREC Research Cluster

Solar and Geothermal Energy Polygeneration System

Designing, manufacturing and testing some of solar thermal cooling and refrigeration components and system which suitable for Indonesian climate

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Smartgrid and PV System

Development of control apparatus to be used in the renewable energy applications.

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Biological Energy Conversion

Biological conversion from wastewater and solid waste

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Nanostructured Energy Materials

Development of Nano-structural materials to be used in the renewable energy applications, more specifically in photovoltaic devices.

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Fluid and Thermodynamics

Development of thermo-chemical conversion system through Gasification and Fluidized Bed Combustor (FBC) in combusting solid fuel optimally and in sustainable mode.

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Energy Storage Technology

Development of energy storage technology to be used in the renewable energy applications.

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TREC Achievement

Our Researchers have commitment to develop and research the renewable energy technology for tropical area.

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Research Grant

2014 ~ 8 Grants
2015 ~ 20 Grants
2016 ~ 15 Grants


2014 ~ 27 Publications
2015 ~ 51 Publications
2016 ~ 22 Publications

DC-DC Converter 2.5 kW for Nanogrids System

DC-DC converter with 2500 Watt capacity with 95% efficiency (dcon-2.5)
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Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC)

Dye Sensitized Solar Cell is the 4th generation of Solar Cell Development.
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Featured Battery for Renewable Energy

Lithium Battery now is the featured battery for renewable energy implementation
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Rice Husk Downdraft Gasifier

Multipurpose and efficient biomass gasifier with 10 kW for a variety of purposes.
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Biogas Digester

Biogas Digester is used anaerobic digester technology for utilizing solid municipal waste in Indonesia.
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High Efficiency Wind Turbine

Wind turbine in accordance with the wind conditions in the tropical area.
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Floating Solar Photovoltaic

To reduce the cost of leasing land and suitable to be applied on the beach or the sea.
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TREC always research and develop innovative renewable energy technology for tropical area.

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TREC Research Team

Our Researchers are from interdiscipline department in Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia.

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Nofrijon Sofyan, Ph.D.

Nanostructured-Energy Materials

Dr.-Ing. Eko Adhi Setiawan

Smartgrid and PV System


Dr. Cindy Rianti Priadi

Biological Energy Conversion

Prof. Adi Surjosatyo

Fluid and Thermodynamics

Dr.-Ing. Nasruddin

Solar Thermal Cooling and Refrigeration

Prof. Anne Zulfia

Energy Storage Technology

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